Spring EP

by Sovereignties

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Recorded in The Shed.


released May 19, 2012

Recorded and mixed by Jim Maschio.
The Shed.



all rights reserved


Sovereignties Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tom Fala
Joe Bispels
Mike Walsh

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Track Name: 82
The woods by my house are over grown
And I've grown
But we didn't adapt with each other
The result of a few bad winters
And bitterness that sticks to my clothes

Still spitting sermons of nothingness I'm nothing less
than this
recycled repitition
it's in rotation
I can't explain it
A CD goes in and comes out and to me
it sounds all the same
I can't digest this

Why can't I just forget what we once had
Why can't I just forget what I once was
Track Name: Tuxedo
Cut a path through the ice
Maybe I'll get conveniently lost
Wind bitter ears, sunken eyes, frozen teeth
I'll be mindful of my beak and wonder if it's worth protecting

Head down gliding forward through purple water
knee deep buried to my shoulders
sno settles, stuck to my brow
soaked though is as dry as I'll be now

Render ourselves all fucking useless
short night, no life, purely myopic
you're speaking blue streaks over me
theres no other spot but on this goddamned floor

So lay low
and think about mistakes we made
the risks we take and where they take us
Track Name: Black Tie Attire
These eyes they wander
and wonder why I bother
Tongue in knots
breath rancid from my festered thoughts

These eyes wander
Steady slur desperate lean
excuse me while i have another

Black tie attire in ice cold rooms
chandeliers hand like icicles. frozen
So much weight placed on our march
I only dread my first step

Three button coats
city lights
hand in hand
my coffees cold
lets watch them skate
Track Name: Too Much Space
spend more time in my own head
than with my friends ive lost them
time moves away
seasons they change
and i guess im staying the same (damn)

regrowth follows rebirth
the soil can only stay fertile for so long

no more, judgment

her head on my leave
as shes eating my heart away
but its too late
ive changed you said

bury these words, with your casket
fighting fear fearing far more than your presence
in my orbit
theres too much space too care
Track Name: Looking Up
looking up, your worlds just black and white to me
i cant see clearly now the fog is coming in

every story has its end but im just the joke
your flightiness, my flightlessness
everyones favorite novelty act

my heart beats too though
and my eyes see straight through you

you're all sad and searching
and when the substances wear off
the truth becomes apparent
and that time is gone forever

wait stay
watch me bite right through my tongue
and through the blood
maybe i'll admit that i am wrong