.. Stepped Out

by Sovereignties

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redshirt records recorded winter/spring 2013. Songs written 2012.


released July 4, 2013

Thanks to Jake and Ian a thousands times over for recording this ish and putting up with our ish, ie, ish. also thanks to bill henderson at azimuth for capturing that sounds with a master ball. shout out to those that donated their time, voices, and presence to the recordings. thanks to anyone who listens and still cares. long live procrastination.



all rights reserved


Sovereignties Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tom Fala
Joe Bispels
Mike Walsh

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Track Name: Scary Thoughts
Shaking in the stirring of woven fabric in preproduction years prior to attempted action. Misspelling and misspelling.

Dedication is something I pride myself. Says the mirror on the wall. It speaks but u listen infrequently.

I'm all too infrequent to the people. An invisible king on his throne. I am alone. But am I alive.

The only thing I've learned, is that I hav so much too learn. Times never on my side. I take him for granted so hes plotting his revenge. I'm living to die. These intoxicating drives.
4 wheels. Nissan.

In darkness hands holdin on to my stability
Scary thoughts
Track Name: Neither Birds Nor Stones
composed. cold toes. clean my wounds, silhouettes of promises i never kept. hot flash. nomad. reciprocate the notion of swaying motion but "inertia?" let me down.

I always fold. save the chances took for the track. no stones.
Track Name: Detlef
I'm stretching myself too thin
To the point of non existence
Im non existent

Where exhaustion eats at my hunger
And the irony escapes me
Because it's meaningless
I'm not making changes
Just making acknowledgment of their existence. Pointing out the need, Sky scraper, I'm loaded. Reflection found in a window. Paint a picture, stress levels. Accumulation I'm acclimated too, regret, I'm never content with my decisions. Spineless.

The summers over
It's practically winter
I'm still drowning myself
Track Name: Caveman
I set my sights on brighter lights, just to find a dull florescent buzz,
my shadow's grown ten feet behind me stretching from coastal tides that I used to wash my feet of the miles that I thought I'd walked

Allusions of the past always passing me by, but an ocean vast and full of life
the endless dive
If just to shake the cold off of my back and point my front ahead
In spite of a bitter winter I may be thinner I still remember
Nightmares of swinging feet, won't weigh me down
With nothing left behind I won't be held in suspension
But I'm not wrong to miss you, I'm wrong to carry your bags. It's been so long I'll let them go to stay in photographs.
Track Name: Blackhawks vs Blackhawks vs Blackhawks
Making the best of these mornings. Jet black and below freezing. 100 miles to 2nd guess myself in everything. Only apathy reigns over the insecurities. I made this bed and I must get out of it. But it's hard to get up without the sun. No light. Te tunnel is never ending. Soon I'll be ending. And The tunnel runs. Always 2 steps in front of my own feet in search of something anything different to greener pastures but monotony the spark is gone(desert lands) I'm living in the past, the wasted time. I'm wasting mine. One day. Too late.
Track Name: Stoney Bologna
Break loose, breath full
Return to, the sender
New hope, lost hope
No hope, all must go

Set your sights on past lights
The dullness proves no truth
And exhaust fumes cloud your views

bury my bones, back to my home. once bit twice shy, bark at dogs that pass me by

Relate to fiction, the winter affliction
Count the hours spent dreaming
Lethargic attempts
Dissovle into regret
Drink and I lost count again
Isolation on an island
In search of solace in what I've scene
A season just too cool
Back to exhaustion